The Name

I feel the need to justify my ridiculously long name which doesn't even fit on a bank card. We have a long family tradition (OK well my beloved aunt Lic-tšti (Felicity Newton-Savage, nee Felicity Newton-Syms) is the only one who did it but I want to carry on her tradition) of keeping the first part of our surname, and swapping the Syms for our husband's name. Basicly, I like the Newton bit and it tells everyone I'm not Miss Finland but a prestigious Brit related to Sir Isaac Newton, yet I don't want my kids to have a different surname to their father (conservative at heart). So my name is Newton-Kolehmainen. Finland being a beaurocratic place said upon marriage I could be Katriina Kolehmainen, or if I want to keep my maiden name, Katriina Newton-Syms-Kolehmainen. I was tempted to go for the triple barrel name just to show how stupid the system (nimilautakunta) is. Instead, I went online, changed my name by deed poll in the UK, got a new British passport, went to the Finnish authorities and said, "Hey look, I got a new name! What can you do? Nothing!"

So now you know.

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