From the guy giving a nod to the crispy Seattle weather to the guy just a little too interested in his fingers.

Gary: Sadly missed especially for his courageous footwear and strange interpretaion of the English language.

Mike: The man with a worrying collection of knives in his cupboard who listens to Prodigy at excessive volumes.

Ellen: Magnesium junkie with a nice smile (Kyle).

Karen: Forget pot, Karen wants to make Clueless (or is it Dione) legal?

Brian: Brain or man? This is the one who supervises us, but there's more to him then the naked eye sees. Buddies with Rupert Jee (just joking).

Sarah: If you want to chat in German or sample a Kipling Delight knock on her door and state your purpose.

Matt: When he's not saving goals he's dancing to the Spice Girls.

Missing: Katriina She's probably off making a cake or emailing.

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