Glonk: The Gallery

Click if you dare...

This is me, yes I'm upside down, and not even my own mother recognised me. Scandalous

Timo catching some afternoon rays

Ari looks through his address book to see who to invite to our housewarming

Blanka posing for my IB art course

Maija, after the Panel

Me and Elina, before Vene

The lads, Dima, Mark, Berk, Me, Kirill, Pawel
(the hat is my graduation hat, I'm no sailor)

Oh dear

"You, me, outside" Maija Gohlke

Millions of green apple things, green apple things for free, oh hi Andy

I meet all my step children for the first time

Practising putting at Virgin Lounge, Heathrow, no really

"Have you ever been to Norwich?" Ed

Aku's Mum

My mum and dad like to keep fit

The only hint of World Cup in Finland

60 metres, 4G

Timo takes a peek at Nelson Mandela's toilet

My birthday present. A really old car!

My Golf, I will never ever give it up,
I will sell the house before I sell this

Look matching outfits!

Our new home. Expect the house warming invitation any day

The Animal Section, look if you dare

Detective Ben

Brucha, aka Brew

Arabella my cat

Arabella yawns

Arabella's first Christmas

Timo and Arabella get aquainted

My pet fish...

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