Reaching Out To...

In alphabetical order surname wise, kind of, so as not to offend (looks like Katriina needs a few more hobbies, eh?)

Ari (Anyone else want to sell me a car?), Berk, Si(mon), Rich (Henry), Ioulia, Me(mo), Flat Mate Matt, Ben, Hakkinen (Kos), Maija, Blankee, Tanya, Maija and Jukka, Minna and Nico, Emma (just the lodger), Brain, Karen (Dione), Els, Nanna, Mops + Pops, Rob(bin), Timo, Simon, Kris, Mummu, An(dy), Smita, Pawel, Steve K, Jere(my), SJ, Dima, Artem, Ben Burger, Bruhe (Boo), UEA Postmen, Sally, Izzi, Charl-(hee), Meg and Ben, Emily, Thomas, Enoch (E-knock), Pete (my nonbiological son), Alan, Ed, everyone in my lectures that I don't go to, Pauli and those bloke always with him, Richie, Pool man (chlorine), that gardener who was really scared of Ben, poser from Zimbabwe, the green stick insect seen between rooms 604 and 605 at the Elephant Hills Hotel, and the red ant in my pants that bit me in the garden last year...

If your name's not on the list, you obviously have either:
a) never spoken to me before
b) not spoken to me a sufficient amount of times
c) offended me
d) annoyed me
e) paid to go to ISH (juuuust kidding, I love it really)
f) slipped my mind (sbt)

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