Glonk: Where Do You Come From?

Okay, so on reading my name, you might think I'm either one of these Star Trek lovers or I really do hail from space. WRONG. Not at all...

My 'real' name is Katriina Newton-Syms (cool, huh?!) and I find myself sitting here in South Africa. But, it's not so simple I'm afraid - I'm not South African at all. My dad is English but happens to be working in South Africa at the moment, and my mum is Finnish. Ma and Pa crossed those international barriers in the name of true love, and hence I arrived (three years after Timo for those of you who know him) on the scene, confused and full of hair. I had my first haircut when I was one week old!! That would make it 1st July, three years ad. More confused than I was at birth? Get out your calculator, and don't peep at the answer at the bottom of the page.

If Timo was born in 1975, wot is the exact date of the miracle? Answers on a postcard...

Right, where was I, oh yeah. So now you're thinking I'm this hairy weirdo. Close enough.

In plain English, I'm half British, half Finnish. I lived in Finland for five years...and yes I can speak Finnish, no, melkein!!

I now study at UEA, Norwich, and spend holidays hoovering between Finland and South Africa (on Emily's days off). I've got loads of fascinating hobbies like, uh, watching telly, sleeping, doing homework, and watering my plants Kenneth, Frieda and Netta. When I'm not doing that (I was being sarcastic btw if you didn't pick up on that) I like blasting the music (NO DOUBT), I'm a Jungle/Indie type. Weird combo huh?

I also like many sports (how original) esp. footy, skating and hockey. Coming from Finland though I guess I should say skiing, snow boarding, sledging, fishing.....

I'm a totally arty person, some of you may have seen my work. It's classic... I'm going through a balloon stage at the mo.

If there's one thing I collect it's shoes and boots. In the corners of my rooms are my shoe shrines. Of course I hardly wear any of them...

In my spare time I like to pretend I'm a way kewl for anything and play scrabble.

...8 years later...

Things have changed a bit. My cacti died. I'm no longer in a balloon phase. It's almost ten years since I started uni. I now have to hoover all the time as we left Emily back in South Africa. I don't think I've played scrabble since I was 8. My name is not Katriina Newton-Syms.

Some things stay the same. I still love shoes and my parents are still happily married (as far as I know).

I am now officially an adult. I moved to Finland, bought a car and ended up getting married, so we're building a house, and I even go to work every day as a buyer's assistant.

Watch this space for the next update, probably coming around 2013.

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